Health Care Reform Resource Center

As part of our services, the Healthcare Reform Resource Center has been established. A reform timeline, FAQs and other helpful information are provided. Be looking for routine updates as new information become available.

Tanya L. Burns, LUTCF, RHU, LTCP

Webinar Testimonials

"Good Morning, Tanya ~ I enjoyed the Webinar yesterday. I thought it went very smoothly. It was also clear and concise and super informative. " –Angelina, Interplan

"Hi Tanya ~ Loved your Webinar and mentioned to our staff of your expertise on Healthcare Reform. " –Becky, Derrow Dermatology

"Tanya ~ Thank You for the Webinar yesterday. It was very informative! " –Debbie, Payroll Processing Plus

"Tanya ~ The Webinar was time so well spent. Thank You for all of the effort that went into making it happen. Our entire Company meeting on Monday was on Healthcare and now I will have even more information. With what I knew before the Webinar the troops were stunned – this will stun them even more! " –Kim, Showalter Flying Service

"Hi Tanya ~ Great Information shared in the Webinar! " –Martha, ProHealth Family Physicians

"Tanya ~ Excellent Webinar. What a mess you have to navigate! I think you could probably make a living just being a paid expert/advisor/presenter on this subject. That was the most concise and articulate presentation on this issue I have seen. " –Matt, FitzGibbon Alexander, Inc.

"Hi Tanya ~ The Webinar was very informative. Thank You for looking out for us all by keeping us up to date on all the changes. We appreciate everything you do! " –Virnnett, Cappleman Medical Group

Watch our Webinar on Employers Guide to Healthcare Reform Affordable Care Act (ACA)


Watch our Webinar - 9/17/13 - ACA - Exchange Marketplace Update

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